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    Free 5 day email challenge for moms, August 19-23, 2019

    Get connected to your deep core system and deep knowing as mother in my 5 days to Connect your Core. A 5 day email challenge. For 5 days you will receive an email guiding you through movements to get the core of your body connected (perfect for moms but also for everyone) and an invitation to engage in a quick activity to connect in to the core of your being. In total it will be concise and actionable and 15 minutes or less to complete.


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    Accessible and, affordable way to fast track your healing.

    This package is focused on the three biggest things that can speed up your healing after giving birth and it is safe and gentle to do right away. By the end of the package you will:

    -Be reconnecting your deep core system so it supports you.

    -Have a simple plan for easy healthy calories available to snack on at all times, so you don't have major energy crashes.

    -Be smart about your everyday movements using them to heal faster.


    Article with an actionable experiment

    Try something new. It might just make a difference.


    Are you doing these two things? If you are and have a Diastasis Recti then you could be on the path to healing it in no time.


    Free resource with checklists, templates and ideas.

    Your body and brain need a lot of rest in the first month or two postpartum and the best way to make that happen is to ask for help. Sometimes that can be hard to navigate so here is a guide of things you can ask for that you maybe haven't thought of, email templates for doing the asking, and ways to tactfully ask for a different kind of help from someone who is already "helping".

    Free Action Plan: Get strong after childbirth

    Free big picture resource.

    Feeling wobbly and weak? Here is a step by step action plan so you can avoid mistakes and confusion and get strong ASAP!

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