• Establish the foundation

    Get your deep core system connected and healing.

    Perfect for the early days, well before the 6 week timeline.

    Heal and Integrate

    There has been so much change in your body over the last 9 months! It is going to take awhile for your body to heal and integrate.


    I can help you focus on the three things that can speed up that healing.


    1. Connecting your deep core muscles with your breath


    2. Getting a simple plan for easy healthy calories available to snack on at all times, so you don't eat all the cupcakes.


    3. Building awareness around the movements you do everyday as part of taking care of your baby, self and house. Even though these aren't considered exercise they have a big impact, more than exercise, cause you do them all the time.


    Build your foundation strong

    After these sessions you will

    • Be able to co ordinate your breath and deep core system
    • Have a short routine to release the areas of your body that are tight so that your body can settle into a new posture that gives your core the input it needs.
    • Have an audio recording to guide you through the cues that work for you to connect with your deep core system.
    • Apply how to use breath in your daily life to move towards healing.  
    • Have a written toolkit you can refer back to whenever you want.
    • Tasted my favourite energy ball flavours.  Picked your favourites and arranged for them to be made for you by your support network.

    Establish the Foundation Package



    3 - 60 minute sessions at your house if you live in the Comox Valley, BC or via video call elsewhere. Send me an email at donyne@easeyourbody.com or a text to 778-585-4180 to get started.


  • Let's Get Real Package

    Dig into what you want, how you get stopped, and create a plan to keep moving.

    Take a look at the big picture

    Life with kids can be super full. I hear from my clients all the time that they struggle to do the things that they know they need to to take care of themselves.


    Whether you are looking to get back to exercise shortly after your child is born or are years into this motherhood thing and still dealing with some lingering physical issues, taking time to look at your big picture and your desires is extremely valuable.

    Know what YOU want

    You want to feel like you can chase your kids around the park, jump on the trampoline without discomfort all without having to change your pants.


    You want to be able to lift your child and roll around on the floor without worrying that your lower back or hip is going to start hurting.


    And you want to be able to do fun things without your kids and feel strong and stable enough to go for a 3 hour long hike or a long day of climbing without getting frustrated at your body for not being able to keep up with your friends.

    Learn how to get there

    After these sessions you will

    • Have a big picture understanding of what is driving the physical issues you are experiencing.
    • Understand how you get in the way of your own healing and at least 3 strategies to get out of your way so you can get what you want.
    • Have a personalized step by step plan you can follow to achieve your movement goals.
    • Know how to use breath in your daily life to move towards healing.  One of the most powerful tools to get a happy body.
    • Know how to consistently make your exercise harder so you are getting stronger without hurting yourself.

    Let's Get Real Package


    Two sessions

    1- 90 minute call

    1- 30 minute call a week later.


  • Curious about working with Donyne?

    Let's explore your best path forward.

  • Get it Sorted Package

    Let's take action

    Let's get you a solid foundation of stability and support in your body, and address your highest priority issue.


    You will:

    • Understand how to apply breath in your day to day movement and exercise to heal or prevent incontinence and diastasis recti from becoming an issue.
    • Learn and regularly practice a steady progression of strength and mobility movements that work for what your body needs right now.
    • Learn to speak differently to and about your body so you can get the results you want.
    • Build awareness of what is happening in your body and how to engage with it.
    • Feel confident to assess what the right amount of work is for your body so you continue to get stronger without setbacks.
    • Rebalance muscles that are currently leaving you feeling weak, unsupported or in pain.

    $375-1125 depending on your level of support. (detailed below)

  • Levels of Support

    The Cheerleader

    This level of support is for you if you struggle to create time for yourself.


    Especially time to exercise and move.


    You know it's important but still struggle to make it happen, especially when it seems that there is never enough time for all the other things you need to take care of.


    Having a regular appointment is a real motivator!


    We meet 2 times a week to make sure that you get the bare minimum amount of work done. As well as dedicate some time getting you set up to do at least one movement date on your own a week, don't worry it's not about making you wrong if you miss but figuring out what is getting in your way. You will soon start to know yourself as someone who shows up.


    We will build a toolkit of movements, exercises and release work that we do together. You can use your toolkit to add more movement in your life while we are working together and after we are done as well.


    2 weekly sessions: 1 hr each


    $1350 / 3 months. Payment plan available.

    The Teacher

    This level of support is for you if you are good at making space and getting movement into your life.


    You commit to doing movement homework on your own throughout each week.


    If you think this will be difficult please sign up for The Cheerleader package instead.


    During our weekly meetings we will assess what is working, and adjust it to keep you on track.


    1 weekly session @ 1 hr

    $900 / 3 months. Payment plan available.

    The Mentor

    This level of support is for you if you are extremely motivated and driven and know that you will follow through.


    You are itching to get moving but need some input about what to focus on. You know who you are.


    1 monthly session @ 1 1/2 hr. Phone support for clarification or quick questions throughout the month.


    $450 / 3 month. Payment plan available

  • Monthly Add On

    Sometimes you need more time.

    Most people find 3 months is the perfect amount of time to work with me but sometimes it can take a bit longer or you still want some level of continued support.


    $150 / month Mentor Level

    $300 / month Teacher Level

    $450 / month Cheerleader Level


  • Curious about working with me?

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  • Talk about it

  • Curious about working with Donyne?

    Let's explore your best path forward.

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