• Five days to Build your Core Connection


    Connect to your deep knowing and physical core support system

    Free Email Challenge, August 19-23, 2019


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  • Connect to your Core,

    Group Class

    6 week series

    Connect in to your body after childbirth. Rebalance key muscle groups and your breath to support you in motherhood.


    Six group classes to get you connecting to your core in a balanced way.


    I'm talking about ALL your core, not just your abs, but your pelvic floor, diaphragm, shoulders, neck and feet (surprise!). This class is gentle enough to start a few weeks after birth as we will be retraining your core connection, releasing the tight and sore spots, and training strength gradually. All work is pelvic floor and diastasis friendly.


    Next class is coming in the fall of 2019!


    Hop on the waitlist for the next class in the Comox Valley, BC, and I'll give you a special early bird price. Being on the waitlist doesn't mean you have to take the class it just means you will be the first to know when the details are sorted.


  • Reconnect your Core

    Personal coaching

    Introductory package

    This makes an excellent shower gift and is good before or after 6 weeks postpartum.


    Simple and affordable coaching package for new moms. Get focused on what matters most for healing your body after giving birth. Click here to learn more.

  • Talk about your Birth

    Support Call

    Empathetic listening with no judgement

    Feeling upset, angry, hurt, confused or something else about how your child's birth went but feel guilty about it, because your child and you are mostly OK?


    Talking about it can help, especially with someone who isn't your family or friend and won't judge you or tell you how to feel or try to fix anything. Now that's refreshing.


    I will be all yours for one hour. $49

  • Connect to your Core


    Small group speaking

    So many of the physical issues that moms deal with after giving birth could be completely avoided with some basic education.


    Invite me to speak to your group of new moms, moms to be, midwives, perinatal nurses or doulas. I'll educate on holistic version of the core and the basics to connect to it before and after pregnancy.


    Have a group that could use this education? Drop me a line.

  • Curious about other ways to

    work with Donyne?

    Get clear about what and how much support you desire.

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