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    Whole Body Whole Heart

    Free 5 day online challenge June 22-26th, 2020

    Create regular space in your life for you.


    Start to feel confident and grounded in your choices and start unravelling the physical impacts of pregnancy and childbirth so you can get strong from the inside out.


    The exercises you learn in this challenge are about releasing, reconnecting and rebalancing the body.


    They can be used over and over to reprogram your body and your brain and ideally you will bring them into your daily life so that they influence how you pick that toy up off the floor so that you are building strength not pain in your body.

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    Mothership Course

    rebalance the body and heart

    This online course is for moms whose baby is 3 weeks old or 9 years old. We all need to start with the same basics. Pregnancy and childbirth create some big shifts in our bodies that take some time and focus to rebalance.


    The next round starts July 13th, 2020. Learn more here.


    Mother sitting on her front step smiling and thinking about reconnecting to her core

    Introductory package

    This makes an excellent shower gift and is good before or after 6 weeks postpartum.


    Simple and affordable coaching package for new moms. Get focused on what matters most for healing your body after giving birth. Click here to learn more.

    Mother sitting on her front step smiling and thinking about reconnecting to her core

    Cleaning, Cooking or gardening sessions

    Comox Valley only

    Feel overwhelmed, lonely, and hurting when you cook, clean or garden?


    Let me come help you with the chores and coach you in healthy movement patterns at the same time, so you can feel better and get stronger while you get that shiz done.


    Inquire for more details. Not just for moms. donyne@easeyourbody.com

  • Connect to your Core


    Small group speaking

    So many of the physical issues that moms deal with after giving birth could be completely avoided with some basic education.


    Invite me to speak to your group of new moms, moms to be, midwives, perinatal nurses or doulas.

    I'll speak about,

    1. What kind of exercise to do when.
    2. The most important  kind of exercise to focus on right away.
    3. How to tell if you have done too much and could be creating long term issues.
    4. How to get all the way strong after pregnancy and birth. 

    ...and any other questions you have about exercise, pelvic floor, Diastasis Recti, leaking, C section scars etc.


    Have a group that could use this education? Drop me a line.

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    work with Donyne?

    Get clear about what and how much support you desire.

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