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    Whole Body Whole Heart

    Get started today, with this gift from me to you

    Start unravelling the physical impacts of pregnancy and childbirth so you can get strong from the inside out and sit deeper into your own knowing.


    Create some space for you in your life.


    Over two weeks of emails, I'll teach you exercises to release, reconnect and rebalance your body.


    We will focus on the areas that usually need some attention in moms:




    -ribcage mobility,


    -and that aching back.


    For each area you I'll give you a day with exercise videos to follow, a day with daily integration help and a day with a heart connection exercise, as well as some days to integrate. Each days email will take between 5-20 minutes.


    You can use everything in this offering over and over to reprogram your body and your brain, and I hope you do.


    What are you waiting for? Get started right now.

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    Online or in person in the Comox Valley

    Is there a certain movement you want to do that doesn't work for you right now?


    Maybe you want to jump on the trampoline but it feels wrong on your pelvic floor or you leak.


    Maybe jumping or kicking a ball makes you wish you had packed a second pair of pants.


    Let's unlock that movement for you as fast as we can.


    Learn more here.

    A collage of mothers around the world

    Mothership Course

    rebalance the body and heart

    This online course is for moms whose baby is 3 weeks old or 20 years old. We all need to start with the same basics.


    Pregnancy and childbirth create some big shifts in our bodies that take some time and focus to rebalance.


    Work with a small group of other moms to make space for yourself and start to learn what your body needs right now.


    The next round starts Oct 5, 2020. Learn more here.


    Mother sitting on her front step smiling and thinking about reconnecting to her core

    Cleaning, Cooking or gardening sessions

    Comox Valley only

    Feel overwhelmed, lonely, and hurting when you cook, clean or garden?


    Let me come help you with the chores and coach you in healthy movement patterns at the same time, so you can feel better and get stronger while you get that shiz done.


    Inquire for more details. Not just for moms. donyne@easeyourbody.com

    Mother sitting on her front step smiling and thinking about reconnecting to her core

    Individualized coaching just for you

    Wanna get started right now and have personalized attention so you can make sure you are working on the most important things for you first?


    Set up a free call with me to investigate what you need and see if we are a good fit. Pick a time that works for you here.


    Most of my private coaching clients work with me directly one hour a week over Zoom video conferencing with text and email support in between meetings.


    If you think you need more or less one on one time that's possible too. Let's chat.



  • Connect to your Core

    Talk: Cancelled for Covid.

    Small group speaking

    So many of the physical issues that moms deal with after giving birth could be completely avoided with some basic education.


    Invite me to speak to your group of new moms, moms to be, midwives, perinatal nurses or doulas.

    I'll speak about,

    1. What kind of exercise to do when.
    2. The most important  kind of exercise to focus on right away.
    3. How to tell if you have done too much and could be creating long term issues.
    4. How to get all the way strong after pregnancy and birth. 

    ...and any other questions you have about exercise, pelvic floor, Diastasis Recti, leaking, C section scars etc.


    Have a group that could use this education? Drop me a line.

  • Curious about other ways to

    work with Donyne?

    Get clear about what and how much support you desire.

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