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  • I help you connect to your body with exercise and body awareness


    So you can move better, feel strong and do the physical stuff you love, WITHOUT constant injuries or frustrations like leaking, back pain, diastasis etc.


    I help you stop feeling like your body is broken and help you resolve constant tightness or pain in your hips, back, pelvic floor, feet, abs, and butt without foam rolling for hours every day.


    I have a starter coaching package you can check out below as well as a group course I run every few months.


    I've outlined them below.


    None seem right for you?


    Not a mom but think I can help you?


    Let’s talk anyways and see if we can figure something out.

  • Get Your Life Back Package

    One to one personalized coaching

    You feel frustrated because you want to be active but every time you do a workout at the gym, or a hike or mountain bike your hips/back/pelvic floor craps out on you.


    Your child is a bit older, so you have some time and energy but your body keeps stopping you from doing the fun things you want to do.

    You want to run/hike/bike/ski and/or participate in dance, martial arts or fitness classes but it feels like your body is working against you.


    You’re scared you’ll hurt yourself and you're secretly worried that this might be it, that this is how you are gonna feel for the rest of your life.


    It feels like you have to stretch and foam roll every day just to feel OK and do the daily activities of your life.


    You’re tired of not being able to do what you want, dealing with a body that doesn’t quite work right and not knowing what to do about it.


    You wish someone could just fix your body, wave a magic wand and make it work properly again.


    But you know it doesn’t really work that way.


    You wish you knew exactly what would get you stronger without causing more issues.


    Where do you even start?


    You’ve tried lots of things (gym, physio, chiropractor, massage) but you’re only getting temporary fixes.


    You feel fragile.


    You want to get your abs and butt strong, but all the ab and butt exercises you do don’t seem to even work those areas.


    You’re ready to prioritize your body, put the work in and ask for help.

    Basically at the end of the day you want to:

    • Start making lasting change in your body, instead of just stretching all the time.
    • Feel strong so you can jump and run and hike for days if you want to.
    • Get expert input so you can focus your time on work that makes the difference.
    • Make it through your day without having your body stop you from doing what you want.
    • Start to feel like you’re body is working for you, instead of against you.

    If this sounds like you, I can help.


    Your Get Your Life Back Package includes...

    Brain body freewrite

    To make sure we get very clear on the challenges that you are facing, what you want to achieve and what is getting in your way I’m going to have you start with this Body brain free write.


    It’s going to help expose anything that might stop you from following through with doing the work. Things like ways of thinking, support you need, types of exercises that work for you etc.


    So I can create plan that you will actually do. Cause a plan is no good if you don’t follow through.

    Movement and Exercise Session:

    This is a 1 hour private video call where we are going see how your body is moving now and, and try out different exercises to see what works best with your body to teach it to move in a more supportive way.


    I know what needs to happen but there are many ways to get there, we will make sure we find something that works for your body right now. Cause there is nothing worse than being given exercises that don't seem like they are working.


    At the end of this session you will have a 3-5 exercises that you can use to start retraining your body to support you better.


    You can use these movements before a workout to remind your body how you want it to work and after a workout to make sure it is reset to a more optimal balance as you engage with daily life. These are exercises that are designed make your body feel good.

    Your personalized toolkit:


    This PDF is designed to keep you on track… It contains links to videos of you doing each exercise with me coaching you through them, notes on what to pay attention to as you do them and why you are doing that thing.


    You know how you think you can remember it in the session but then can't remember how to do it the next day? This PDF makes it so that doesn't happen.

    Support line:

    I can't do the exercises for you but I am available for your questions via text or voice messages. This is also helpful if you are struggling to actually prioritize doing the exercises, you can use me as an accountability partner or to help you figure out other ways to actually do the exercises.

    Check your form follow up session:


    1/2 hr zoom call 5-15 days after the 1 hour session.


    It helps so much to get someone else's eyes on your body. So often we slip into our old ways of moving, compensating and not doing it correctly to achieve what we want. That does not help us.


    In this session we will see how everything is feeling, check your execution, and progress or substitute other exercises as needed.


    This is great to do sooner than later. I recommend a week later but I also know that sometimes it takes some work to get into the routine of doing those exercises so once you have been doing them then book this session.


    To make progress you need to the exercises as intended with right focus and you need to keep making it harder at a good pace. This is a space to assess that and see if you are ready for something harder.


    This is a starter package. How much progress you make is very personal. For some it will be all they need and for others it is just the beginning.


    Once you have completed this package I will share the private link to book 1 hr Move it Forward sessions with me to continue progressing at your own pace.


    Investment: $99

  • Mothership: Group online course

    Whole Body Core and Pelvic Floor

    This online course is for moms whose baby is 3 weeks old or 20 years old. We all need to start with the same basics.


    Pregnancy and childbirth create some big shifts in our bodies that take some time and focus to rebalance.


    Work through the 3, 5 minute exercise videos on your own time each day, and progress through the month in a group of other moms.


    The main focus is on finding those elusive lower abs and a balanced ab contraction but we will be doing that by looking at the whole body.


    We will work with your feet, head, neck, shoulders, rib cage, back, hips, butt, legs and breathing to rebalance your body and help you and find a more support.


    It feels so good when you feel muscles activate that you haven't felt for a long time!


    The Mothership runs every 3-4 months, check it out here and sign up to get notified when enrollment opens. Learn more here.

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    We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

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    If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’ll happily share other resources to help you get what you need.


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