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    About Donyne O'Coffey

    Cultivating Mom Body Love

  • Hi I'm Donyne and I want you to know that no matter how you may be feeling in your body there is hope.


    I help mothers like you to get connected to their core and pelvic floor, through whole body awareness, movement and shifting movement habits that are getting in the way of your healing.


    Our bodies want to heal. Your body wants to heal, but sometimes you get in its way.


    I'm on a mission to improve the education and support for moms physical healing. We need to up our game and support healing and full function after pregnancy and childbirth. I don't want leaking, pain, instability and diastasis recti to be just part of being a mom.


    It doesn't have to be that way.


    It's time to start talking more openly, dropping the shame around it and making sure every mom gets the support she needs to heal well and quickly so that our moms have good lives.


    Because when moms have good lives, children have better childhoods, feel more secure and make better choices.


    In my opinion, caring for moms is one of the most effective way to change the world.





  • My story.

    After my son was born, I struggled for 3 1/2 years with regular, recurring pain and instability in my feet, back and pelvis. I remember feeling terrified and depressed.


    I went to physiotherapy, chiropractic, and took up belly dance to get my core strong. While they helped, they did not fix me.


    I felt breakable and broken. I was scared that I would feel this way for the rest of my life.


    I vividly remember coming home from physiotherapy one day. I had my 3 year old son Felix with me, riding in the stroller and was catching the city bus home. It was rush hour and the bus was full. I could smell BO, and cigarettes and perfume. I wrangled the stroller into place and sat down being careful to balance my weight on my two sit bones so I could keep the precarious 'everything in place' feeling from after my appointment.


    Then the driver slammed on the gas and pulled away from the curb. It took everything I had to keep my body from jerking to the side. My back screamed in pain, my heart plummeted and my mind raced. How was I going to survive this ride home?


    We were in stop and go traffic, the bus driver had a heavy foot, every stop and start hurt, it was cold and rainy outside and I had a hungry and tired toddler on my hands. The right move for my back would be to get off this bus and try and squeeze myself on the next one. But I was tired, it was cold and I had a 3 year old with me.


    I hurt.


    I hurt so much and was so scared about it that I burst into tears with my baby in the bus. I just couldn't even any more.


    It was that day that something changed inside me. I finally realized that no one was going to save me.


    I finally stopped waiting for someone to have a magic solution for me and I started creating some time to get curious and listen to my body.


    Changing my mindset changed everything. 10 to 15 minutes of moving with awareness and breath started to make a big difference. I found the support in my body that I needed. Bit by bit I stopped being so careful with my body as I started to trust it more and more.


    I got stronger, grew my awareness

    I started to notice a difference.


    Once I was feeling stronger, I did a bunch of research, got indignant that it was so hard to find help and got training so I could be there to help you.


    Would you like some guidance and help on how to get your body strong and happy?


    You are the one who will actually do the work, but you won't need to struggle alone wading through all the conflicting information to figure out how.

  • How can I help you get strong and feel good in your body?


    By growing your confidence and teaching you how to build a foundation of strength and stability in your body.


    By empowering you with education AND action relevant to your everyday activities.

    I am different from most health providers because I ...


    • Start with the basics of what you want, then work on deep core function, breath and building strength, step by step.


    • Believe in my clients, and help them create strategic plans that allow them to focus on what ACTUALLY matters to them.


    • Understand the impact that their health has on their life and their child’s life.
    • Dedicated to you getting the results that matter to you.



  • I have the tools, experience and process to help you heal after childbirth


    My approach is tailored to fit into your life.


    I will teach you the basics about your body and guide you in a physical discovery process.


    I bring a wide scope of techniques and tools to help you create a stable and strong body you can trust.


    With trust in your body you can be the parent you want to be and do the things that bring you joy!


    I have training in.

    Functional exercise

    Training you in movements you need to be able to do in your life, so you can do them well and pain free in every day.


    Developing a short tailored daily routine can make a huge difference for your healing.

    Fascial & soft tissue release

    Releasing stuck and held tissue can facilitate postural change

    Alignment & breath assessment

    Accessing breath and body alignment brings your deep foundational core on line

    Life integration

    Investigating how to incorporate new posture, breath and exercise habits into your day without having to make lots of extra time is key.

    Habitual body use inquiry

    Making sure what you are doing most of your day and night supports your healing.

    Advanced Post natal training

    Understanding and educating about specific post natal issues that apply to you so you can avoid them or heal them.

    Hypopressive or low pressure fitness

    Learning this unique set of postures and breath, widely used for post natal recovery in Europe, profoundly influences the relation between the shoulders, ribcage and pelvic floor.   Lets get your deep core system supporting you!

  • Curious about working with me?

    Let's explore your best path forward.

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    Questions? Requests? Thoughts? Bring it on!

    155 Urquhart Ave
    Courtenay, BC
    Tues-Thurs 9:30am to 3pm