• Troubleshooting


    Focus on fixing one movement fast.

  • Sometimes you just want to be able to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

    without worrying about damaging your pelvic floor, your diastasis or if you will need to change your pants afterwards.

    I want that for you too.

    If you have back issues when you vacuum or pelvic floor issues when you jump or kick a ball or any other symptom directly related to a specific movement, let's see if we can get you doing that again without worry.


    It can happen pretty fast with some whole body observation and a bit of practice.


    Not everything will be an easy fix but investigating how you do a movement that causes you grief can be an empowering way to start unravelling unhelpful patterns in your body and get results quick.

  • How sweet would it be to be able to jump on the trampoline with your child or vacuum without pain?

  • As someone who lived for many years with pelvic floor and low back issues I know it can feel like nothing is ever going to change.


    I'm here to tell you that it can. And it's pretty sweet to be able to do what you want again.



    Imagine yourself doing this this particular movement again, does it help you...

    • connect and have fun with your child or partner?
    • do daily tasks without hurting afterwards?
    • get back into doing something just for you that you love?
  • I know this, if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep having the same results.

  • Let me help you troubleshoot a movement that means something to you.

    You won't be sorry.


    You will have to put in some work and even if you don't get instant results, if you keep working on it you will get results pretty quickly, I promise.


    It involves just two face to face zoom meetings.

  • This is how it works

    Step by step

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    1. Pick a movement

    It needs to be specific

    If bending over is a challenge for you, pick one kind of bending over that you do all the time.


    Maybe it is picking a toy up off the ground.

    If jumping is a scary thing for you, think about in what context you want to jump.

    If vacuuming ends with your back screaming at you, pick that.

    It doesn’t matter what it is, just make sure it is relevant for you and specific.

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    2. Hit the buy now button

    You will find it on the bottom of this page.

    You can pay with paypal or use a credit card.

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    3. Tell me what we are working on.

    Don't skip this

    Once you have paid you will be shown a link to a google form. Follow it and answer a few simple questions.

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    4. Film yourself doing that movement

    Get a friend to help you film on your phone.

    I'll send you very specific filming instructions after you purchase. But you will need to get full body video of yourself doing your movement from a few different angles.


    Ask for help with this.

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    5. Send me your videos

    Email works well but you can also share them through a file sharing service. I will delete your videos from my computer once we have finished working together and no one will see them but me.

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    6. Book our first session

    We will spend an hour playing with your movement and finding the magic so you are more supported. You will get a scheduling link through email

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    7. Show up ready to learn

    It makes it so much easier to focus if you don't have kids climbing on top of you asking for a snack. Do your best to make someone else responsible for them during this time.

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    8. Do your homework

    Chances are that you won't master everything on the first try. I will probably give you some strength work, release work or awareness work that will support the changes you want to make. And of course you will want to practice the movement itself.

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    9. Schedule and attend the follow up session

    1/2 hour zoom call to refine the movement and answer questions

    We will schedule this a week or two after our first session. In the time between you are free to email me for clarification or questions.

  • You get...


    • 1 hour of one on one movement play to workshop the movement you chose
    • Me watching your video over and over and strategizing how to improve that movement for you.
    • Personalized homework to make that movement work for you
    • Any videos or PDFs that will help you with your homework.
    • Email support between our two zoom calls to answer questions.
    • As much time as you want between our zoom calls to do your homework.
    • ½ hour follow up and refinement session.
  • Ready for it?

    $99 CAD