• Feel good in your body now

    Reconnect your Core and
    heal quickly after childbirth
    Happy Mom = Happy Kids = A new world

  • "I feel very safe, held, seen and understood." Ocea R.


    'Reconnect to your Core' is a simple and affordable coaching package for new moms that gets you focused on what matters most for healing your body after giving birth.


    It can be pretty overwhelming to figure out looking after your new baby, let alone care of yourself during these early days.


    Let's make it easy for you, so you know exactly what to do for your body.


    I teach you the most important things you need to do, and support you to actually do them.

  • So you can feel better now

    and later too

  • The most important parts of connecting to your core don't have to wait until you are six weeks postpartum, in fact the sooner you start the better.


    I'm not talking about pumping gym exercises, this is more about building mind muscle connection and awareness with gentle movement. When you have knee surgery the doctors don't tell you to stay off of it for 6 weeks, they get you doing rehab exercises right away.


    The same with pregnancy and childbirth. The sooner you can integrate and connect with your deep core system, and start to unravel the unhelpful pregnancy postures the better.


    I introduce four key components, over three coaching sessions so you can start building that deep core connection that will support you as you start to exercise again.

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    As you can see it is not only the core awareness we work on. It's also important for your body's healing and your mental and emotional resilience that you have easy, nourishing snacks available, get regular gentle movement for your body and release the uncomfortable and unhelpful postures that most of us get stuck in from pregnancy.


    That's a lot to do in 3 sessions!


    The work won't be complete by the end of our time together, but you will know what to do, have practiced it with my guidance and have a plan to continue on your own or with support.

  • There are so many things to think about right now, and your needs are often the ones that get dropped.


    Let me make it easy for you to be taken care of.


    Reconnect to your Core now


    Your future self and your family will thank you