• Custom workout plan

    Custom workout plan

    For students who have completed the Mothership course.

    Let's create a plan specific to your needs, based on your learning during the course.

    You provide me details about what you learned about your body, tight spots etc.
    We will chat for 1/2 hr to clarify what you need.

    I will provide you with a pdf of 3 short workouts that include:

    -where I want you to feel the work, how you can cheat
    - a video of each exercise
    -3 progressions of each exercise/workout
    Coming soon
    Puttering session

    Puttering session

    Informal 1 hr call to get you unstuck about your particular issue. I will be working in my garden or cleaning my house while we talk.

    Click the drop down menu beside 'select' to see the times I have set aside this month.

    If one of the times available this month works for you, buy that sucker.
    Be sure to enter your phone number (if you live in Canada)


    a way to find you via FB messenger, Skype or Facetime for an audio call, put the details in the notes field on the next page.

    Then I'll contact you at that time ;)
    Coming soon