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Never do a mind numbing chore again.

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Excited to empty the dishwasher... again?

How many times has it been today?

What if instead of being another in a long list of mind numbing chores, it was an opportunity to feel good?

I know that you may be thinking I’m insane but stay with me.

I’d love you to try on the idea that all those day to day mind numbing chores that you are doing right now to keep your house running and look after your child could be something more. They could be an opportunity to get connected with your body, to breath, and to move.

I know that I often get stuck in the trap of efficiency, exhaustion, and just trying to get all the things done as soon as possible so I can rest. Over the years though I’ve discovered that when I can let go of the rush, and drop into my body when I am unloading the dishwasher or doing any other chore I don't need to think to complete, it becomes a whole new experience.

I get curious and try balancing on one leg, or doing some sweet side lunge instead of just bending over to pick up the clean plates. I’ll make a challenge to see how many different ways I can lower my body to pick up dishes. And most of all I will breathe. I will inhale and get aware of where I feel the expansion in my body, I will exhale to let the natural synergy of my diaphragm and pelvic floor give me support for the difficult parts of the movements I’m playing with. I’ll play with getting tall through my spine, or making all my reaching movements side bends.

It turns out that I finish emptying the dishwasher a bit slower than I would if I was being efficient, but I also finish emptying the dishwasher in a better mood and more grounded in my body. I’ve usually learned something about my body’s abilities or challenges and I have got in a few minutes of movement, which feels great.

Major life hack, achieved!

All the rushing to be done, denies me the opportunity to be present. When I embrace the movement and the task, something else opens up.

Added bonus, if you are dealing with a fairly new postpartum body, small movement hacks like this are less likely to overwhelm your deep core system that is working to reorganize itself and get strong again. Dragging yourself to the gym for an hour workout once or twice a week, often does the opposite.

Less more often, wins every time, when rebuilding strength in your deep core system.

What do you think?

Have you ever approached your daily chores this way before?

If so, what’s your favourite move?

If not, will you give it a try?

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