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Do you get stopped

by this Common Mind Trick?

Identifying it is the first step to moving it out of your way.

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Have you tried again and again to get exercise into your day to day life?

If you are someone who has yet to figure out how to make time in your busy day for exercise even though you know in your head that it will feel good, this might just be what is getting in your way.

The biggest mistake I see my clients make, over and over is to try to make too big a change all at once. They think that in order to get exercise into their lives they need to do something epic and monumental. That if they can’t do an hour of yoga every day it’s not even worth it.

That my friends is a HUGE mistake.

Fitting exercise into your busy life with its never ending to do lists and people to take care of is like starting any new habit.

Consistent small achievement carves the way for giant wins.

To start exercising regularly you don’t need to make a herculean effort, you just need to pick a very small goal to aim for. Almost laughably small to be precise.
So small, that if you are crawling into bed and realize you didn’t do it yet, it’s not really a big deal to just do it, cause it will only delay your crawl into bed by a minute or two.

It could look like:

One minute of core integrated breathing

One minute of banded glute bridges

One minute of a series of lunges

Dancing to one song

Walk around the block once

So the next time that your mind says

“I don’t have time to exercise”

You can say,

“Of course I do, it only takes one minute. I’m going to do it right now.”
And that is how it all starts.

Well done.

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Donyne works with moms just like you to get them connected to their body and overcome pain, leaking and instability, so they can finally do the fun things they want to. She works with people in person in the Comox Valley, British Columbia and online all over the world.

If you are feeling stuck and want some support to heal physical issues left over from pregnancy and childbirth, finally get movement and exercise into your life, or get strong without creating any more physical issues, pop over to the other pages on my website. You can learn more about me and my work here or current packages here.