• "I really like that I don’t have to leave the house or really even get dressed to work with Donyne. At this stage of my life, that makes doing this 3 times a week seem attainable, where it would otherwise be overwhelming." Ocea R

    Welcome to being a mom!

    You have a beautiful new baby and have so many questions about how best to care for your baby that you haven’t thought much about how to take care of you yet.


    Your sleep is interrupted, your body feels completely different than it used to and the things you used to love to do, seem far away.


    On top of that, there is so much conflicting information about what to do to ‘get your pre baby body back’ and honestly, you don’t have time or energy to filter through it right now.


    But you know that doing the wrong thing can cause problems, or maybe you never figured out how to do regular exercise even before you baby was born, it may seem like the easiest thing to do right now is to do nothing.

    I get it.


    It can be totally overwhelming.

    Imagine what it would be like if you didn't have to figure it out all on your own?

  • Good news...
    You don't have to figure out how to heal on your own!

    My name is Donyne and I love to nerd out about bodies and how to recover fully after pregnancy and childbirth.


    Have a look below at how I work with people, just like you, and then pick a time when we can have a complimentary clarity call.


    40 minutes of focused time on the phone to explore:

    • How your body feels NOW.
    • How you wish your body felt.
    • What having a body that felt great would ENABLE in your life 
    • At least one action step for you towards that future.

    My focus with these calls is to help you get some clarity and some support. If we feel like a good fit we can also explore what it might look like to working together to get you where you want to be.

    Get in Touch with Donyne and book a free Clarity Call.

  • The fast track to healing after childbirth

    In person, in the Comox Valley, or online anywhere in the world

    No need to remember to do your homework

    We will meet 2-3 times a week to keep you on track and making progress. No more feeling guilty because you forgot to do the stuff you were supposed to do.

    No difficulty rushing to appointments

    I come to where you are. No need to try and pack the diaper bag, wake your child up from the nap they just started or find parking. This is easy. And I won't judge you by the state of your home or your personal hygiene I know what it is like. How you are is good enough.

    No child care, no problem

    It's up to you. If you want some non baby time, by all means, but I'm happy to hold your beautiful baby while we work (Comox Valley residents only). And as we continue into movement strategies and exercises your baby can actually help us.

    Connected in to the life you live

    I work with you inside your day to day life. If you spend a lot of time getting up and down off the floor we make sure you are doing it in a way that encourages your healing. The movement training gets grounded into your life making it so much easier for it get the results you want.

  • Get personalized guidance and care

    to set you up for optimal healing and recovery after pregnancy and childbirth

    Support and guidance for your first months of motherhood. Making sure that you are on the right path to heal quickly and effectively after pregnancy and childbirth.


    I create a custom healing plan that is suited to your particular needs.

    Your plan may include:

    early on...


    • relaxing massage
    • breathing meditations and healing visualizations
    • holding your baby while I lead you on breath and pelvic floor exercises (Comox Valley residents only)
    • helping organize and ask for help from your community so you can rest heal and connect with your baby during the early days
    • basic deep core theory
    • assessment of current breath and movement strategies
    • translating theory and isolated movement work into daily life activities

    later on...

    • scar tissue work
    • self myofascial release and mobilization guidance on areas that are feeling restricted. (hands on work for those in the Comox Valley)
    • stabilization work on areas that feel unsupported
    • design of a customized progressive movement plan to get your body supported and ready to do whatever exercise brings you joy
    • teach you how to progress to advanced exercise of your choosing



  • How to get on the path of healing with Donyne


    You Book a Clarity Call

    You can do that here. This is free! It makes sure that we are a good fit, that I can help you, and that you trust and like me. We will talk about what is going on for you, what it stops you from doing and what your life would be like without the body complications you are experiencing.


    We choose plan that works best for your needs

    If we decide YES, let's work together, we make a plan. Everyone works differently, and struggles with different things so we will construct a plan so it helps you where you need it and not where you don't. We meet via video or in person if you are in the Comox Valley and get nitty gritty with how often we meet and how much it will cost. You can get a basic idea of how much it costs here.


    I invoice, you pay, we set a date for our first session.

    I'll send you an invoice and the details of the plan we decided on together. You pay through Paypal, Interac e transfer or Credit card. We book our first set of sessions. We continue to revisit and adjust our plan a needed to get you what you need.

  • A post natal healing program that will be the most effective for YOU.

    Maybe you...

    have something very specific you want to work on




    are incredibly driven and want to work independently with biweekly or monthly check-in and planning sessions.




    struggle with actually doing the work and need more help to show up for yourself and DO IT?


    Let's talk about it and see if we can come up with a plan that will work for both of us.

    Pick a time that works for us to talk about it on the phone, here

    The link will take you to my booking page and you can sign up for a clarity call. The call is a free and friendly exploration focused on getting you what you need right now.


    I look forward to talking with you!


  • FAQ

    I'm told I need an operation, can you still help me?

    It depends completely on your diagnosis.


    For some things, yes, and you may not need that operation.


    For other things I can improve your condition and help you recover from the operation but the operation will still be necessary.


    If you haven't already, get assessed by a women's health physiotherapist to start and then...


    Let's talk.

    What training do you have?

    Great question!


    Advanced Post natal assessment, core restore and functional exercise


    Yoga teacher training


    Hypopressives/Low Pressure Fitness

    Do you have a guarantee?



    I want you to win.


    For that to happen we both need show up and do the work.


    If you engage with the material and follow my instruction and you don't see a change I will happily refund your money.

  • Curious about working with Donyne?

    Let's explore your best path forward.

  • Ask Donyne a question, or leave a comment. 

    I want to hear from you! What are you dealing with? What is your number one challenge right now? Is there something in particular you are looking for?

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