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  • About you

    You are a loving, fun and committed parent who wants the best for your kids.


    You want to offer your child the world. You have plans for how you want to provide differently for your children than you received.


    There is just one big problem with that plan.


    Your body isn’t making it easy.


    You didn’t even dream that you could have physical difficulties during or after giving birth, but here you are.


    I've been there too...

  • From fragile to fantastic

    my story


    After my son was born, I struggled for 3 1/2 years with regular, recurring pain and instability in my feet, back and pelvis. I remember feeling terrified and depressed.


    I was scared that I would feel this way for the rest of my life.

    I went to physiotherapy, chiropractic, and took up belly dance to get my core strong. While they were helpful they did not fix me.


    I felt breakable.

    Finally, I started dragging myself out of bed before my son woke up, so I could do something about it.


    I started with 20 minutes every day of very simple slow variations of sun salutations.


    I got stronger, and was tuning in and listening to my body.


    I started to notice a difference.



  • The reality is....


    Many of us have an idealistic view of birth being natural and uncomplicated


    except that most of us do not use our bodies in healthy way, we are a sedentary culture and birth isn't easy for everyone.



    Many people have uncomplicated births and recover easily.


    Many do not.


    If you are experiencing difficulties in recovery from childbirth I want you to get the support you need to thrive.

    There is currently a lack of support for new moms.


    Once the baby is born and separate from the mother, all the attention stays on the health of the baby.  


    There is very little accessible instruction and support on how to recover physically and what to do if you keep experiencing physical difficulties. 


     I want to change that.


    I believe that the health of our moms is important.


    The health of primary caregivers defines the health of our children and the future of our society.


    Children are not able to regulate their nervous system until they are around 2 years old. Until then they rely on the nervous system regulation of their caregivers.



    If their caregiver is…

    • in chronic physical pain

    • worried their back or pelvis will go out

    • unable to bend into the car to lift baby out of the car seat without pain

    • exhausted from night feeding

    • without time to nourish themselves


    it becomes very difficult for moms to regulate their nervous system.


    Where does that leave baby?  


     With erratic regulation and prone to anxiety and depression.


    A common state for many adults right now.


    I believe that if we take care of our parents... 


    We nurture happy healthy emotionally stable children


    Who become healthy leaders who positively impact our world.


    Addressing and caring for your own body and mind has a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of your child.


    I work with mothers to help them feel safe, comfortable, strong and supported in their bodies again. 


    If you are in pain or feeling unsafe in your body, I want to work with you to help you develop an ongoing healing relationship with your body.

  • I have the tools, experience and process to get you there


    My approach is tailored to fit into your life.


    I will teach you the basics about your body that you need to know and guide you in a physical discovery process.


    I bring a wide scope of techniques and tools to help you create a stable body you can trust.


    And with that trust you can be the parent you want to be.


    I have training in.

    Functional exercise

    Training you in movements you need to be able to do in your life, so you can do them well and pain free in every day.


    Developing a short tailored daily routine can make a huge difference for your healing.

    Fascial & soft tissue release

    Releasing stuck and held tissue can facilitate postural change

    Alignment & breath assessment

    Accessing breath and body alignment brings your deep foundational core on line

    Life integration

    Investigating how to incorporate new posture, breath and exercise habits into your day without having to make lots of extra time is key.

    Habitual body use inquiry

    Making sure what you are doing most of your day and night supports your healing.

    Advanced Post natal training

    Understanding and educating about specific post natal issues that apply to you so you can avoid them or heal them.

    Hypopressive or low pressure fitness

    Learning this unique set of postures and breath, widely used for post natal recovery in Europe, profoundly influences the relation between the shoulders, ribcage and pelvic floor.   Lets get your deep core system supporting you!

  • How can I help you?

    I will help you grow with confidence and learn how to build the foundation of strength and stability in your body.


    I want you to be empowered with education and action linked to your everyday activities that will create healing for you.

    I am different from most health providers because I ...


    Start with the basics of deep core function and breath

    Help my clients develop an understanding of what is going on in their bodies


    Understand the impact that their health has on their life and their child’s life

    Am compassionate and loving in my delivery letting my clients feel heard and inspired to commit to their health


    Believe in my clients, and help them create strategic plans that allow them to focus on being the parent they want to be.

    My services are perfect for building confidence in your body and as a parent.


    For moms who need personalized focused guidance on how to get their bodies pain free. 

    Ongoing accountability and inspiration will keep you committed to your health and get you a stable and supported body so you can be the parent you want to be.

    I want to transform the common belief that taking care of ourselves is selfish to the belief that self and community supported care is the best thing moms can do for their child and the world.

  • Any questions or comments?

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