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Give yourself a little break. Try this 2 minute chillercize right now.

Hey there momma, how’s your day going?⁣


When you are feeling tired from trying to do ‘all the things’, frazzled or have an achey back or neck this is just the thing.

It only takes one or two minutes and feels oh so good!

And if you have a little hanging off of you right now, this is something you can do with them. My son likes to drape himself over my back or side when I do this and it’s a really sweet way to connect with him and nurture myself.⁣

Here's how.


⁣Lay on your side. (or one of the positions below), curled into the fetal position on the bed, floor, or couch. Feel free to pop a pillow under your head, under your upper arm or between your knees if it makes you feel supported.⁣

If you don't like laying on your side you can do it in any of these positions as well.

4 different positions to breathe in to mobilize your diaphragm and back.  Draped belly down over and exercise ball, sitting on a couch leaned forward over a cushion, on the floor on your back knees bent and held into chest, child's pose with back curled and head on floor.

Once you are set up,

Breath softly and slowly for a minute or two.⁣

⁣Can you feel your inhale expand into your whole torso?⁣

⁣⁣⁣See if you can sense the expansion on the inhale into your

  • back (especially just below the bra strap area) 
  • ribcage
  • sides 
  • and into your pelvic floor. ⁣

⁣⁣Trying really hard will make everything tense up and then there won’t be any movement so keep it soft :)⁣

⁣⁣Keep your back rounded in a C shape and enjoy the inner massage!⁣


This is so simple, and it is magic for your whole deep core system.⁣

It helps so many things!

It mobilizes your

  • organs
  • diaphragm (main breathing muscle)
  • psoas
  • side body
  • ribcage
  • pelvic floor (if you can get your inhale expansion to travel down)
  • tight back muscles

It teaches you to expand through your whole torso on your inhale instead of just your belly. (so important for diastasis, prolapse, incontinence, bulging tummy and sore backs)

And it helps you get OUT of the fight or flight nervous system which so many of us are in. So much more helpful to drop into the rest and digest nervous system which lets our brain work and solve problems way more easily!

Bonus deliciousness if you put on a mellow song you love before you get started. Lean into the pleasure.

K stop reading and get to it.

It only takes a couple minutes.

If you can't do it now, set an alarm to do it later, then follow through ;)

Just thinking about it is not the same as doing it.

If you think this is a great idea, share it with your friends!

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Did you try this out? How did it feel? Where could you feel the expansion of your inhale? Tell me in the comments below!

Are you planning to try this out later today? When? Tell me in the comments below, you'll be way more likely to follow through!

Donyne works with moms like you.

She helps you get curious about your body instead of furious with your body.

She uses exercise, movement and awareness of daily habits to help you finally find your abs and pelvic floor, resolve funky hips and transition from rehab exercises into regular fitness or recreational activities that you love to do.

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