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    Level 1: Work these skills first.

    If these are really easy, consider that you may be compensating and not using the muscles I want you to.


    Watch the video again, and notice what's actually happening in your body. Where do you feel the work? What is moving?


    For great feedback video yourself and watch it. You can even share that video with me for my feedback. (go here for instructions on how to do that)

    Basic hamstring drag with breath

    Am I doing it right?

    1. Keep your hamstrings (back of thigh muscles) on the whole time
    2. Whole body shifts toward your feet NOT away from them.
    3. Allow your pelvis to rotate so your back gets longer and closer to the floor
    4. Hips only lift a centimetre or two of the ground 
    5. Lower back ribs stay in contact with the ground.  (two ways to know if you are actually doing this or just think you are)
    6. Both hamstrings working equally.  Feel with your hands and look with your eyes.

    This is my favourite exercise for:

    • creating space at the base of your back ribs, 
    • getting the breathe into your pelvic floor 
    • finding your hamstrings and getting them to support your pelvis in a more neutral position.

    Feel the work:

    • back thigh muscles working
    • Middle back and maybe low back lengthening/stretching/releasing (don't push it)

    Rainbow hip release​

    Am I doing it right?

    • Roll your towel tightly
    • Position it right below the top boney ridge of your pelvis
    • Spend more time on the areas that you need.
    • Keep breathing
    • Find a tender spot and hold still there until it releases
    • Can't find the front area?  I promise you it's there, shift around a bit move the towel a bit down or up.


    This is my favourite release for the hip muscles that attach to the top of the pelvis. It helps the:

    • pelvis to rest in a more neutral position
    • the ribs and pelvis to point to each other.
    • abs fire better
    • butt work better
    • deep butt muscles can stop gripping
    • leg bone sits better in hip socket.

    Release here:

    Kitchen sink squats

    Am I doing it right?

    • Squeeze with both legs not just one
    • butt needs to get long (pelvis and ribs don't change relations

    This exercise is great for these reasons:

    • squeezing a block/towel/ball helps get your deep core and pelvic floor engaged
    • Inner thighs help seat the leg bone in the hips socket better
    • Practice keeping ribs and pelvis connected
    • lengthens butt muscles while they have to work.
    • If you have any brain left you can check in with your feet to get more support (Link here)

    See how the big butt muscle has to get longer as the squat happens and the actual bones of the pelvis aren't shifting their position?

    Pelvic floor release

    Illiacus pullbacks w block and rotations

    Daily Life practice pdf

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