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Pelvic Floor 101

What do you know about your pelvic floor?

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A little anatomy lesson for you from inside Mothership: The Whole Body Core and Pelvic Floor Course.

Pelvic Floor 101

It's all connected.

Your hips can change how your pelvic floor fires, your feet can change how your butt and hips work. How you hold and move your ribcage and pelvis has a huge impact on how easy it is to find your abs, pelvic floor and butt muscles.

Curious about the inhale down cue?

Clearly your lungs are not in your pelvis and you are not directing air into your pelvic floor. What happens is your diaphragm muscle, a flat muscle across the bottom of your ribcage, pulls down to fill your lungs with air.

As it pulls down it needs to push your guts out of the way so it can move.

In an ideal world, your guts move down, your whole torso expands evenly all the way around (not just your belly) and some pressure pushes gently down on the pelvic floor. As you exhale the opposite happens.

Enter a happy supple pelvic floor that has the ability to get strong.

It's common after being pregnant and birthing a baby or babies lose the connection with your abs, butt and pelvic floor.

You may do a bunch of exercises that are supposed to be working those muscles but not feel them firing and not feel that they are sore afterwards.

Instead you will feel the work in other places. Commonly in the back, neck, shoulders, hip flexors and front thigh muscles.

Talk about frustrating!

In Mothership I teach you all the tricks I know to do reconnect in a whole body way with those muscles and get them showing up again. So you can get them strong in whatever way pleases you most.

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