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Bodies are completely amazing

Yes, even yours

I had an big Aha moment the other day about this.

So many of us don't really understand how our bodies work. To be fair, no one understands bodies completely, but there are some basics that make all the difference to how we are in our bodies.

I think the most amazing thing about bodies is that they keep adapting, they keep changing over and over to optimize whatever it is that we do!

Your body builds stronger and more bone where the muscles you use the most attach, you can literally change the shape of your bones throughout your life!

If you stop moving an area, the body lays down sticky tissue to keep that area still and 'safe'.

If you need stability in your body and the main stability system in your body isn't working well, other areas will work to create the stability you need even if that is not the thing they do best.

Your body has your back.

I'm going to say it again because it's really important and most people believe the opposite.

Your body has your back. Really let that sink in.

It does whatever it has to to make it possible for you to keep doing what you need to! That is spectacular!

So then why does it create so many problems? Why does my back hurt? Why do my feet hurt? Why is my neck so tense?

I hear you, and it can be super frustrating to feel pain, weakness, and lack of support in the body. I've been there.

And once you really 'get' how adaptable your body is, all of a sudden something different is possible even if you feel crappy right now. You might feel crappy as a result of an adaptation your body made earlier in your life to take care of you! Your body didn't do that because it's stupid and doesn't know how to work properly but because it had your back when you needed it most.

So much adaptation and compensation happens after giving birth. Your body will stay in those patterns until you retrain it. Some people never retrain their deep core system to support them and use their hips, chest, neck and ligaments instead all the rest of their lives. That can make for sore backs, achy necks, tight hips, painful feet, diastasis recti, leaking, and prolapse.

If you have had a baby at anytime in your life and think you might still be living with some helpful body adaptations that are now not so helpful I would love to help.

I have the perfect course to get you started retraining your body. It's called Mothership and runs throughout the year every few months.

Check it out, it's awesome, accessible and fun.…