• Five days to Build your Core Connection

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    Connect and activate your body's deep core system.

    Connect and listen to your core being.

  • You may have only be a mother now for a little while but no matter where you are on that journey, it is harder that you expected, isn't it?

    Aside from the criminal amount of sleep deprivation in the early days (that will literally make you crazy, so go easy on yourself!) and all sorts of hormonal and physical changes that leave you feeling exhausted, there is the whole babies and children not coming with manuals.


    Everyone has an opinion though don't they? It can be hard to know who to believe (hint: only you know what's right for your family) and decide what your family needs.


    If only you could really know and not second guess yourself.

    You look around at other moms and they all have an opinion about everything. It can be super exhausting.


    The other thing is that your body just did a huge thing (Childbirth and pregancy! Whew!) everything feels different and while there are some opinions available on how to recover it's almost like the health care system just doesn't care a whit about you now that the baby is born.


    What is even normal? Am I supposed to feel this way?


    Being everything for your baby or growing child can be challenging when you feel so loosey goosey and jelly like!


    How are you supposed to do all the parenting things, AND feed yourself, clean yourself and keep the house running? And if you more than one child it's an even bigger challenge.

  • Here are some signs you need to

    connect to your core

    • You are exhausted all the time, like really, all the time
    • You don't have a plan to get your physical core connected you are just trying to take it easy till 6 weeks rolls around and you can go back to climbing and biking.  Please do yourself a favour and do some reconnection work first!
    • You're full of anxiety about whether you are doing this mom thing right.
    • You pee your pants when you laugh, cough, jump or run
    • You have prolapse, diastasis recti, hernia's 
    • It feels like it's hard to get a full breath.
    • Your body is hurting, all over.

  • Any of that sound like you?


    Most moms don't think much about connecting and caring for themselves, they get so wrapped up in the baby, sometimes for years, until they feel awful and confused.

  • It's OK! I get it and I'm here to help!

    I've been exactly where you are! And I want you to avoid my mistakes!


    If you want to get started on connecting to your core knowing and your physical core support then you are in luck.


    This, 'Five days to Build your Core Connection' is going to help you feel confident and grounded in your choices and start unravelling the physical impacts of pregnancy and childbirth so you can get strong from the inside out.


    The exercises you learn are relaxing, reconnecting and can be used over and over to reprogram your body and your brain.


    In Five days to Build your Core Connection you will practice:

    • Deep listening to your inner knowing.  It doesn't have to be all woo woo but it can be if that's your thing.
    • The very beginning foundational core reconnection practices, if you miss these it's like trying to build a house on a bog.
    • Release work to unravel some unhelpful postural changes that have taken hold through pregnancy and childbirth.
    • Making the choice every day to show up for yourself, care for yourself and listen.  It's shocking what a difference a small amount of time can make.

    Plus! You will have my support during the challenge to answer questions and help you to motivate.

  • Practice core connection and your body and soul will have the confidence, coordination and awareness you need to be mom, your way.

  • Here is how 'Build your Core Connection' works

    1. Before the challenge starts you will get 2 introduction emails that will prepare you with the what and why of the upcoming challenge so you are ready and rearing to go on day one.


    2. On August 19th you will get the first of your five day challenge emails. It will include 2 core connection body exercises and one core listening exercise.


    3. Once you have done them (15-20 minutes max) give yourself a pat on the back a high five or a nap :) Carry on being the beautiful badass mom that you are till the next day when your second email arrives and you do it all again.


    4. Questions and ideas, impressions or sharing are all welcomed, I want to know what is going on for you and how the challenge is feeling. There will always be a prompt on each email and a link so you can fire questions or thoughts at me.


    5. If your question or sharing is one that I think others will benefit from, I will add it anonymously on to the end of the next days email.


    6. After 5 days you will have built a stronger core connection that will save you a bunch of trouble down the road.


    7. Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a draw for a private one on one remote session with Donyne and be invited to the longer app based challenge I am launching in the fall.


    Dates and times

    August 19th -23rd

    You can do your challenge exercises anytime during the day that you want but I encourage you to pick the same time every day to make it easier to remember.


    Can't follow along in real time? No Problem. You will get a copy of all the emails and exercises and can move through them at your own pace.


    You will leave with a much stronger connection to your deep knowing and the deep core system in your body.

    I use these same exercises with my coaching clients and myself when I need to get connected. They all feel really good and everybody loves them. Now you can feel good too.

  • Five days to Build your Core Connection

    Free Email Challenge

    Aug 19-23, 2019

    Connect to your deep knowing and physical core support system

  • FAQ's

    What if I am super busy?

    It will only take you 15-20 minutes to do, and if you need to you can do each part spread out over the day which means 5 minute windows are all you need. The easiest way for me to do these type of things though is to pick a time or a placement in my day that stays the same and just make the time. You can do it, I know you can. Bonus is that this stuff is clarifying, it help for clearing out the business so you can get a bit more present in your day.

    What if I can't keep up?

    While it's great to go through with a group you can go at your own pace. The emails will be there waiting patiently.

    What if I have diastasis recti, a c section scar, incontenence, or prolapse?

    Everything in this challenge is A OK for you. If you had your baby yesterday I would recommend that you just chill for a week and rest as much as you can, because that is what your body needs. Other than that unless you have pain or symptoms when you do the exercises they are appropriate and if you do notice anything, shoot me a message and we can figure out what is going on.

    What if my last child was born years ago?

    It may seem like a lost cause but the body is extremely adaptable, so it's never too late. Even if you are convinced you need an operation doing this work can make the operation not needed or make the operation more effective and your recovery quicker.

    Will this be all that I need?

    Maybe, but it is a great place to start! It takes time to retrain the deep core system after giving birth and develop habits of trusting your deep knowing. It took nine months or more to get you where you are now, it takes some time to unravel those changes and the fastest way to do that is get started right away.

  • Five days to Build your Core Connection

    Free Email Challenge

    Aug 19-23, 2019

    Connect to your deep knowing and physical core support system

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