• Hurting?

    Ease your body


    No matter how long it has been since childbirth you CAN regain your physical strength and stability

  • Heal your physical pain so you can give them the world!

    I want to transform your life.


    To take you from just making it through your day ...


    to enjoying your life...


    being present with your people...


    doing the things you LOVE!

  • Do you find yourself...

    Suffering and gritting your teeth just trying to get through your day?


    Dreading having to bend over and lift your child out of the car seat?

    Searching online for help?

    Going to yoga/Pilates/fitness/dance group classes hoping they will make a difference?

    Leaping from one care provider to the next not sure they'll be able to fix your problem?

    Getting limited help from WH Physio, Chiropractor or Massage Therapists?

    Laying on the floor or in whatever position doesn't hurt, as often as you can?

    Asking partner or friends to help with your day to day chores?



    Feeling frustrated or resigned?


    It's time to harness some stubbornness, curiosity and your commitment to your children, to get engaged with your healing.


    So you can be present for them, yourself and others.

    Education about how your core works, and inquiry into how you use your body every day, will empower you to take small actions that WILL make a difference for you.


    You will gain a new confidence in yourself and your ability to engage with and erase pain in your body.

    Ready to make friends with your body?


    Great!  I'm excited to help you.


    I want you to become confident performing your everyday physical activities so you can have fun with your children and loved ones.


    I know it's possible.


    I can show you how.

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